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Basic personal information

Фото для резюме не выбрано. Рекомендуем добавить фото

If you do not know which photo is better to choose for a resume, read the article Choose a photo

Goal of request

What kind of job, in what position and on what conditions do you put your prizes.
Search Engine
For example: Obtaining work in the specialty ..... in a company that successfully operates in the Russian market .... services
Focuses on a specific organization
Getting a position .... in a company ....
Do not write the desired salary and justify your choice, this will be asked at the interview.

Your work experience

Dates of work, positions, functions performed
If not: Indicate where the practice was. For example: Professional internship in digging .... in the department .... Performed functions: ....

C года по


Dates, educational institutions, the received specialty and appropriated qualification, awards, prizes, titles. As an additional education, indicate the refresher courses, seminars.

Additional Information

Data on additional knowledge and skills relevant to this work. Important biographical facts and personal qualities.

Foreign languages:

Specify language - level of ownership . For example: Conversational, technical, free to read and translate, with dictionary .

Professional skills:

Presence of driving rights and experience, personal car.Possession of computer skills.For example: Confident user, professionally own (program list) Information on military service and ranks.

Personal qualities:

The most common personal qualities: responsibility, communicability, stress-resistance, diligence, accuracy, learning, focus on results, dedication, active life position, goodwill, desire to work and earn / develop, discipline.

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